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The Importance of Encouraging Abstinence Amongst Gen-Z

The Importance of Encouraging Abstinence in Generation Z

Some of our Gen-Z babies are nearing the age, or at the age, of graduating high school or college, attending dances, and school functions like homecoming, spring formals, and prom. They are not only making us feel old, you look phenomenal by the way, but they really need us to continue to pay attention to them, the crowds they hang around, and the content they consume.

Movies and television haven’t given up on fairytale endings. They’ve also not given up on sometimes leaving out protection, marriage, love, or Christ. Our children may believe that their life is supposed to play out the same way they see it on the big screen and it’s our job to give them the facts.

Some children stray away from Biblical teachings, or were never raised with it. These children become friends with our children and can drastically impact their decision making; the same way social media and “relationship goals” can as well. With influences coming from so many directions, we have to make sure their foundation remains strong and intact.

Remind our children that intercourse should take place between a married man and woman. The two of whom have taken vows before God to love one another whole heartedly, take care of one another, and never turn their back on one another.

Consider having a Purity Prom, Abstinence Soirée, or a graduation of either to drive home the fact that refraining from sex until marriage doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and it too should be celebrated! Send us a message on social media and let us know how it goes.

Written by Kimberly Fields with The Write Place, LLC.

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