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Mission Moments

Collaborating with God in times of Social Distancing

Collaboration is the predecessor to new experiences and creations. Think about it – every time people get together to collaborate, it is done to combine individual efforts and assets to create new outcomes and products. No matter how your church decides to celebrate Advent each Sunday – from scripture reading followed by the lighting of […]

The Church and Financial Stress

When our economy entered a recession in 2008, the church suffered greatly. A Christianity Today International survey from 2009 revealed that 1,168 churches said weekly contributions went down 2 percent or more during the economic slump. The truth is that this issue of decreased giving in the church has been present for a while, as […]

Top 3 Tips for Building Connections in the Season of Advent

The season of Advent is upon us! This is the time of year where we celebrate the season as we remember the birth of Jesus Christ, but mainly anticipate the second coming of our Lord. For many of us, our churches spend each Sunday in the month, lighting the five Advent Candles, while reflecting on […]

Why Commitment Can Make or Break an Organization

When commitment is strong in a ministry, it is palpable in the air. It is known by all who walk through the doors. The ability to be and remain committed is one key to success in life and leadership. Commitment in this regard falls on more than just the leader. Yes, the leader should remain […]

Three Ways to Encourage Collaboration Within Your Organization

When you have an establishment with many ministries and a significant number of congruents, it is easy to miss something. Although the goal, mission, and vision are aligned, the way you bond with each member and leader is different. Collaboration is the key to developing and implementing strategies. It is a catalyst for success. When […]

The Importance of Encouraging Abstinence Amongst Gen-Z

Some of our Gen-Z babies are nearing the age, or at the age, of graduating high school or college, attending dances, and school functions like homecoming, spring formals, and prom. They are not only making us feel old, you look phenomenal by the way, but they really need us to continue to pay attention to […]

The Role of Spiritual Mothers

Often times, a mother is the first person a child secures a bond with. She helps to guide her children, nurture them, and supply the love they need to feel whole. While a father is viewed as a superhero, the mother is certainly a safe haven. Within the church, some female leaders are viewed as […]

Who Are You When No One Is Looking?

To be whole as you guide your business or organization, teams and clients is imperative. Wholeness has at its core the principle of unity or one. One definition of integrity is to be unified. Therefore, a person of integrity will not have divided loyalties nor are they actors. John Maxwell, a distinguished authority on leadership, […]

Are You a Pseudo-Leader?

At some point, every successful, authentic leader faces varied personal development threats. Being human, we face a number of leadership enticements: to attain monetary rewards or greater promotions, to blame others for deficiencies, to gain affirmation of their abilities and to achieve quick promotions.