Meet the Creator

Holley Richardson

Creator – Elite Agitator
Organizational Strategist/Leadership Reformer/Structural Revivalist
27 years’ experience

“Our Success is the realization of your vision!”

Holley Richardson is an expert leadership reformer, structural revivalist and organizational strategist for organizations that desire to achieve unparalleled success. She is laser-focused on the brand development and marketing penetration of her premier leadership development system, Missions of Success. Whether you are starting, growing, or just looking to make a vast improvement in your business or organization, her commitment is to cultivate the edge needed to reach the highest levels of visionary leadership and creative capacities within you and your leaders.

Our A-Team Mission

To inspire P.R.I.D.E. in every leader...personal responsibility in developing excellence!


Alexis Snyder

Partnership Development
Strategic Communications

25 Years’ Experience

James “Jae” Richardson

Church Systems Strategist
Pastoral/Lay Leader Transformer

25 Years’ Experience

Diane Richardson

Lay Leadership Development
Curriculum Specialist

32 Years’ Experience

TONY Patterson

Systems Analyst

25 Years’ Experience


Parachurch Ministry Strategist
Organizational Development

21 Years’ Experience

Raoul Davis

CEO, Brand Strategist
Public Relations Management

20 Years’ Experience

Rainah Davis

Leadership Development,
Young Adult Training Strategist

15 Years’ Experience