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Three Ways to Encourage Collaboration Within Your Organization

Three Ways to Encourage Collaboration Within Your Organization

When you have an establishment with many ministries and a significant number of congruents, it is easy to miss something. Although the goal, mission, and vision are aligned, the way you bond with each member and leader is different. Collaboration is the key to developing and implementing strategies. It is a catalyst for success. When you combine ideas on how to progress the Kingdom while meeting basic needs, success is in reach. The advancement of your organization may be on the minds of many people, but how do you get them out? Missions of Success is here to offer three ways to engage in collaborative think tanks.

Occasional meetings outside of church.

You ever notice how people act differently when they are at work versus off the clock? There is something about a sense of freedom that allows individuals to express themselves, well, freely. Take your team to lunch, dinner, on a retreat, or do a teambuilding activity to get them to chatter easily about the great ideas they have for the church.

Have an honesty box.

Does anyone remember the Honesty Box app on Facebook? This is the same concept. Allow not only leaders, but congruents and visitors to anonymously submit feedback without consequences and review the items during a meeting once or twice a month and open the floor to discussions about the suggestions.

Generate think tank contests.

Who doesn’t like a little competition? Keep track of initiatives put in place or areas without. For the failing initiatives or areas that need attention, challenge leaders to work individually or in groups to develop methods of improvement. Reward those with the best ideas and encourage the competition to continue.

It is monumental that your leaders and congruents not only understand they can come to you openly, but feel it as well. As your ministry continues to change, grow, and evolve, having leaders that are skilled in collaborating is a treasured asset. Missions of Success would love to hear about the ways you and your team collaborate. Share it with us at info@missionsofsuccess.com

Written by Kimberly Fields with The Write Place, LLC

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