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Are you Sharpening Your Surrounding Community?

Are you Sharpening your Community?

“Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend” 

Proverbs 27:17

For many communities, the church is in the center of all that goes on. With events and programs such as giving out school supplies or having food drives, residents become connected to the church when the church has community outreach. 

The question is, is the church using their resources to reach out to their community? Is the church sharpening the character of the streets around them? 

The church has been given the Great Commission to spread the love and message of God near and far. And the neighborhood in which a church lives in is the first place a church should start with their evangelistic outreach.  If you are asking how to start your evangelistic outreach or how to discover the needs of the souls living around you, consider taking these actions:

Conducting Door to Door Ministering:

First, always be careful and use discernment when doing door to door ministry. Although it can be intimidating, this practice is still a great way to build relationships with individuals in a community by connecting face to face. 

  • Possible alternatives could be printing paper flyers/ postcards that introduce your church to the community with contact information included, and placing them in mailboxes or sliding them under doors. 
  • If your neighborhood is connected through technology, you could find information needed to send out digital postcards in an email blast as well.

Connecting with Community Centers or Local Hubs:

Every community typically has a community center, park, popular store or other establishments that the majority of residents are connected to. This hub would be a great place to start to get to know the community better as you can talk to staff that knows the people or talk to residents directly about what they need, and see where the church could be of service. 

Every church has room to grow when it comes to community outreach, and the time to start growing is now!

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