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Are You a Pseudo-Leader?

At some point, every successful, authentic leader faces varied personal development threats. Being human, we face a number of leadership enticements: to attain monetary rewards or greater promotions, to blame others for deficiencies, to gain affirmation of their abilities and to achieve quick promotions.

Evaluating who you are and how you behave as a leader can be the first step in learning to recognize and avoid destructive behavior.  Here is the list of 5 counterfeit leader traits that you want to recognize, eradicate or avoid all together.

  • The Loner

    All leaders encounter the emotion of loneliness along their journey. Persons at the top often hideaway rather than listening to their teams and trusted confidants.

  • The Imposter

    This is the great pretender. Suspicious obsession and antagonism are this leaders’ trademarks. Outwardly, they follow the saying “Fake it ‘til you make it”, while inwardly they are afraid they will be revealed as the fakes they are. The impostor rarely asks for help or admits “I don’t know.”

  • The Shooting Star

    This leader is so focused on the career climb that they have no time for other critical relationships. They crave success so intensely that they get caught up in the fury of the workaholic.

  • The Rationalizer

    This pseudo-leader skillfully blames others or situations for their deficiencies or failures. Reality is a challenge as is admitting mistakes.

  • The Glory Seeker

    This misguided leader is so hungry for public praise and infamy that they deviate from their values just to get ahead.

It’s possible to avoid or eradicate any of these 5 counterfeit leader traits and make the NOW part of your journey remarkably better. Connect with us at info@missionsofsuccess.comand share your strategy to become a more authentic, ethical leader your team can respect and appreciate.

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