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We Didn’t Leave God; We Just Left the Building

After working all week, Sundays were the day to put on our best and go to God’s house to be fed. Now that the doors of the church have been closed to the public for months, some ask the question: How to maintain a connection with God when you can’t be in His house? People go to church for a connection. A connection to God, a connection to the Jesus, a connection to the Holy Spirit, and a connection to other like-minded people who share similar beliefs. Which can make worshipping from home seem distant, lonely, and out of touch. People are using the church being closed as an excuse not to worship. But this moment of separation is the perfect time to grow your relationship with God on a more intimate level. You don’t have to be in a physical church to worship the Lord, worship Him where you are. Here are some ways to build and maintain your relationship with God, even at home:

Virtual Services

If you have never attended church via live stream, now is the time to start. Many churches were doing this well before the pandemic hit, for members who could not make it into the building every week for whatever reason but still wanted to make the connection. Social media and church websites have created an avenue to get the work from the comforts of your own home. Worshipping is seclusion can make us more susceptible to the Lord moving through us. When we are not caught up in the distractions that the church setting itself provides (ushers moving, musicians playing, moving onto the next segment of the service), we find ourselves more open to letting the spirit envelop us and take us to a place of praise.

Read, Read, Read

Set up a new routine to spend time with God and hold yourself accountable or get an accountability partner. Reading your bible or daily devotionals are a great way to get closer to God. Find a version of the bible that you understand (King James is not for everyone), and spend some time reflecting on what it is saying to you. As you reflect, start writing down the thoughts that come to your head and your understanding of God’s word. Find resources to help you with your studies, sources that can help you understand the word as it applies to your life. Once you have gained some understanding, share it with your friends. Get a group of believers on a prayer call or a Zoom bible study to discuss your revelations, and you might end out up giving someone else what the need.

Serve God by Serving Others

Many pastors, preachers, and gospel artists have been using the social media platform to connect with people. Whether it is through daily words for encouragement or a full out gospel concert, it is their way of serving God by giving other people what they need. We may not be able to go through the doors of the church yet, but we can still let God use us where we are. Consider providing meals for essential workers, food, and clothing drives for those you are currently unemployed. Think about checking on people who are in the high-risk category that can’t get out to get groceries. Check-in with the friend that lives alone, or the friend with a house so full they wish they could be alone for a moment. Wherever Jesus went, he performed miracles and good deeds, tap into that part of you and see who’s lives you can touch today.

Missions of Success encourages you to connect with God and one another. Connect with us today if you need help honoring your spiritual fathers at info@missionsofsuccess.com.

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