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Top 3 Tips for Building Connections in the Season of Advent

Top 3 Tips for Building Connections in the Season of Advent

The season of Advent is upon us! This is the time of year where we celebrate the season as we remember the birth of Jesus Christ, but mainly anticipate the second coming of our Lord. For many of us, our churches spend each Sunday in the month, lighting the five Advent Candles, while reflecting on the meaning for each. 

No matter how your church decides to celebrate Advent each Sunday – from scripture reading followed by the lighting of the candle, a skit, ministering in the form of dance, etc., it is important that the whole congregation feels connected during this sacred time. 

Listed below are 3 QUICK TIPS to consider when planning an inclusive Advent Celebration. 

– 1 –

Choose A Celebration Planner that Has A Vision for the Church

At some churches, a member of the congregation is elected to orchestrate the Advent Celebration. It is imperative that the member chosen for this task is someone that is in tuned with the climate of the congregation and is able to communicate with all generations.  A person who possesses these qualities can help to ensure that the celebration is welcoming to all. 

– 2 –

Include Multiple Generations into the Advent Celebration 

Although it may be challenging, try to strategize as effectively as possible so that the Advent Celebration will appeal to multiple generations.  Multiple generation involvement will help to increase the visibility of current members and will show them that they are important to the dynamic of the church and to the congregation as a whole.  

For instance, perhaps the member chosen to orchestrate the Advent Celebration could have the youth choir sing and afterward delegate the prayer to an elder/senior of the church during the lighting of the hope candle.  By doing this, you are including two generations in the Advent Celebration on one Sunday.  

– 3 –

Allowing People Not as Involved to Take Lead during the Celebration

The last tip is just as important as the first two. This tip helps to remind you to be aware of the current members of the church who are less involved, as well as the new members who are still trying to find their footing in the church.  An Advent Celebration is a great way to build new relationships and to help individuals find their spiritual gifts while also making them feel a part of the celebration. 

Furthermore, an Advent Celebration is the perfect season to introduce them to more in the ministry! A simple way to get them involved is to ask if they would like to light a candle on Sunday.  Ensure them that they will play a vital role in the celebration without having to worry about public speaking or doing any other task, in which they are not quite comfortable with doing at the moment. 

If you have any challenges building connectivity within your congregation in this season or in general, do not hesitate to reach out to Missions of Success at info@missionsofsuccess.com !

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