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The Role of the Church in the Election

The election this November will be a major one as the American people vote for a president and many other public officials. With so much going on in the country today, our country has never seemed more divided from the pandemic to an uproar in racial tensions. From the constant political ads all over our televisions, radio stations, and social media, it is hard to get away from it all. And for some, these types of pressures can bring out the worst in an already divided nation. The church has always been a place of peace in a world of chaos, staying grounded and learning for ourselves what the word says about life. Honestly, everything we go through in our modern era has some relation to biblical times in one way or another. In the United States, the church and state (politics) have remained separate for some time now, but that does not mean that that church leaders can’t provide support during the election to help keep followers grounded and informed. Here are some dos and don’ts of church involvement in the upcoming election.

Remain Neutral

It is probably best that the church refrains from endorsing one candidate or another. Although campaigns have the right to hand out flyers and materials wherever they want, encourage them to frequent social gatherings and neighborhood events rather than the house of God. That doesn’t mean that politics cannot be discussed in the church at all; leaders just have to be careful about the message that they are sending. If you feel that the members need some guidance, consider facilitating a “Right to Vote” forum. Share the struggle that people have gone through to be able to vote. Discuss the history of the elections and the importance of every voice being heard regardless of who they want to vote for. Some may even implement a voter registration drive, targeting those who may not otherwise exercise their rights.

Encourage Informed Voting

Outside of the players in an election, many citizens are not aware of what the other offices represent. After they pick a president or a governor, the other 30 choices in the election could be hit or miss. As a church leader, consider making time to inform your members about what each candidate represents and stands for. That way, when they go to the polls, they are making informed decisions about policies and procedures that could directly affect them. This may also be a time to remind the parishioners of your church’s values and encourage them to consider that when they are making their decisions.

Encourage Prayer

Christians are still anxiously waiting to enter the church’s doors, and there is so much uncertainty in the world; during election time, we can do what we do best…….Pray! Although the church should not get involved in the political world, it still has a duty and a right to pay attention to our country’s moral issues. We are in a time where our nation needs healing like never before. Encourage people to pray for those who do get elected; that they recognize the need for change and do what is best for our country regardless of their political agenda.

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