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The Role of the Church in a Crisis

During a crisis, most believers turn to the church for support and answers, people look to the church for guidance and direction on how to handle situations that they can’t. But what happens when the church itself feels the effects of the crisis? How will church leaders respond to the crisis with positive outcomes and reassurance that their members are being taken care of? People tend to trust the leaders of the church to point them in the right direction and provide response and support. With the worshippers relying on the church for answers, church leaders have to be realistic about being able to support their members. When creating emergency plans to address issues that could occur, church leaders must also consider how they can effectively support the members of their institution during times of crisis.

Offer Ways to Help

Churches have several ministries to serve the needs of the church community. They should consider creating a Crisis Ministry that focuses on what members may need should a crisis occur. Providing services to members such as mental health, financial literacy, etc. during trying times can be beneficial. The Crisis Ministry can identify members of the church that can help provide training in these areas; that way, if something happens, there is already in procedure in place.

Collaborate with other agencies

While forming the Crisis Ministry, it would be a good idea to collaborate with other churches to see what they offer that can help guide your mission. If another religious organization offers something you think will be beneficial to your congregation, work with them to learn the process and “tweak” it to align to the needs of your members. You may even want to share information about things your church does differently than theirs; that way, the collaboration is mutually advantageous for all involved. Other outside professionals can also provide a different view of what your members may need and assist in the implementation of your plan.

Focus on the Word

Although we can’t anticipate what crisis may occur and when church leaders should always turn their members back to the word, what does the bible say about it? We are in a different age now, but history repeats itself, and there is always something related to our current circumstances in the bible. In times of uncertainty, provide your members with scripture and prayer that will help maintain their faith and connect them to God on a spiritual level.

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