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The Role of Spiritual Mothers

The Role of Spiritual Mothers

Often times, a mother is the first person a child secures a bond with. She helps to guide her children, nurture them, and supply the love they need to feel whole. While a father is viewed as a superhero, the mother is certainly a safe haven. Within the church, some female leaders are viewed as mother figures and can be the link between the church and the congregation. They are considered spiritual mothers and successfully function as such only if they have the capacity and, more importantly, are called to do so.

A spiritual mother functions very similarly to a mother in which she is an educator, a guide, a confidant, a nurturer, and supplier of love, agape love. A spiritual mother should always reinforce her advice and guidance with scripture. The bible tells us in John 17:17 that we should “Sanctify them in truth; your word is truth.”

As a leader in the church, the same as a role model in any other area, she has to lead by example. Speak with authority, be kind, dress for the occasion, and have no problem admitting when she doesn’t know something, but show a desire to learn more.

Agape love doesn’t only fall on the pastor to bestow amongst the congregation, but among leaders, as well as parishioners, to bestow on one another. Show your spiritual children how to love one another and accept one another for who they are, despite their differences.

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Written by Kimberly Fields with The Write Place, LLC.

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