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Christian Giving Through a Different Lens

For many, Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season. A season of giving, coming together, and gathering as a family with turkey dinners, endless desserts, fall d├ęcor, and football. For Christians, Thanksgiving isn’t just a time of year; it’s a lifestyle. Members of the church spend time all year working in various ministries to give back to the community and its members, so Thanksgiving is not much different. However, with COVID numbers on the rise right here as the holiday season starts, it may be time to introduce different ways the church can give back and celebrate rather than your traditional potlucks and pie bake-offs. This season inspires many people of faith to give thanks to God and showing their gratefulness by helping others who may not be as fortunate during the holidays. With the world in the current situation that we are in, those that we consider being less fortunate may look a little different than it has in the past. Here are some ways to church can extend a helping hand to various members in the community during this holiday season:

Providing Meals

We are in a time where some have not worked a steady job in months and are struggling to take care of their families. Where the elderly who were actively participating in church ministries may not be able to leave their homes out of fear of contracting the virus. Where parents are struggling to balance teaching their children during “remote learning” and balancing their full-time jobs and childcare, this world looks so much different than what we are used to. As a church, take the time to identify those with a real need this holiday and ease their burden by providing them with a holiday meal. Call your ministries together and decide what everyone will contribute. Once the food is prepared and delivered to the church, families in need can receive a full holiday meal and little to no cost. Let’s not forget those who can’t get out to pick up the much-needed supplies and provide some sort of delivery service for them; that way, they can reap the benefits of your kindness and remain safe at the same time.

Educate People

Homelessness has taken a toll on the American population more so now than it ever has before. Although the government is putting resources in place to counteract some of it amid this pandemic, the bottom line is that most people in this situation are not made aware of the options available to them. A great way to give this season is to give the gift of knowledge. Work with your church members to research what is available. Hold virtual forums for those who can attend, print pamphlets, and distribute them amongst the community with information about what options and help can be provided for those who may need it the most. Inform people of their rights and educate them on the best way to obtain it. Let them know who in their community can help them get back on their feet or at least people some financial relief during this unprecedented time.

Charity Challenge

As states are starting to shut back down due to the increasingly large numbers of those infected, being able to get back in the church doors this year seem to be a farfetched idea. But this does not mean that the giving has to stop just because it doesn’t come directly from the church itself. A great way to still encourage church giving this season is to have your ministries select a charity of their choice and run a donation drive remotely. You could collaborate with other churches in the area to make the level of giving greater or even make it a competition between the ministries (who doesn’t like a little friendly competition). Either way, those who will benefit from it will be the most grateful, and it’s a good way to kick-off the holiday season.

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