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Battling Ungodly Thoughts During Isolation

The country has been in isolation for several months now, and for some people, it has completely changed the way we live and has presented personal struggles that we may not have had to deal with before. This change in our norm has impacted every facet of our lives. Whether we are stuck at home with a family that may sometimes drive us crazy or living alone and dependent on a work and church life for human interaction, this sudden change can leave room for a variety of negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are a normal part of our existence, and most of us turn the doors of the church and fellowship with like-minded souls to help guide those thoughts in a more positive direction. But what happens when the coping methods that we have relied on are no longer available? What can be done to counteract the negative thought processes and get our thoughts and faith back on track?

You’re not in this alone

As Christians, we know that the devil wants you to believe that you are in this situation by yourself and that no one will understand what you are going through. This a false belief. During this unprecedented time, we are all going through something similar in one way or another. Mine issues may vary a little from yours, but at the end of the day, they all lead to the same thing, negative or ungodly thoughts that can change the way you see yourself and the world. Remind yourself daily that you are not in this alone. Consider finding a group online or creating a group amongst your friends or church members where you can share what you have been going through or what you have been delivered from. Remember that your test could be a testimony for someone; people can benefit from hearing about your situation and what you are trying to help guide your thoughts back on the right track.

Choose to think positively

I know, I know! So much easier said than done. When you have had negative thoughts for a week, and there are no more tears left, the last thing you want to hear is someone telling you to think positively. But guess what? That’s the only way to get out of it. The bible says that you must choose to walk in victory, and every believer must make that choice. There will be times when the negative thoughts will bombard you, but that should only increase your determination to come out of that slump and put your focus back on God. Several things help you get back on track; listening to the praise music, reading your bible, praying, journaling, and the list can go. Find that one thing or combination of things that work for you and make it a routine to counteract the negative thought processes that often make you feel like they are taking over your mind.

Prioritize your mental health

Many Christians believe that a bible and scripture are all you need to offset negative thoughts, and for some, that may be true. For others, not so much. Making your mental health a priority during a period of isolation is essential to getting back on track. If you find that repeating that one scripture or listening to that one song is no longer working for you, consider seeking mental health consultation. Taking with a professional, whether they are faith-based or not, can give you the tools to need to get your head in a better place. Christian counselors use God’s word to teach, encourage, and guide you through life’s issues. They can help us to stop being distracted by what is going on in the world and start and start focusing on the word, using the word to bring us back to a more positive place.

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