The A-Plan

“Our values are a relentless persistence to your next level of achievement!”

The A-Plan

The Assessment Process

The 7Cs approach to leadership development is a 4-step process we call “The A-Plan”. This systematic method helps you understand where power and dilution affect your organization. Gain the insight and recommendations necessary to make the decisions for organizational improvements, succession plans, and culture transformation that yields success. The 7Cs system includes:

  • STEP 1: Introductory Session

    An informative session for key leaders and our team which includes introducing the 7Cs system, an in-depth facility review and assessment of the grounds and facilities.

  • STEP 2: Assessment Session

    Senior Pastor, Key Leaders, New Members and selected Guests are evaluated through a comprehensive assessment in areas to include, but not limited to, organizational health, leadership capacity, character, and discipleship.

  • STEP 3: Assessment Reporting

    Graphing your organization’s, along with its leaders’, strengths and areas in need of improvement are vital markers that guide development targeting. During this session, we disseminate the assessment results and deliver the overall recommendations that will guide our development implementation phase.

  • STEP 4: Implementation

    Our team of qualified trainers will implement the development training related to the 7Cs within your organization during four site visits. Surveys will be processed to assess our effectiveness throughout the implementation phase. Follow-up evaluations will be processed six months post MOS implementation.

Awaken the possibilities within each individual through heartfelt, connected experiences that span beyond traditional training and team building activities. We employ specific tools and support structures to endow leaders with methodologies that manifest exponential achievement.

Create a strategic plan that lives beyond the paper, through implementation, accountability measurements, and organizational structures. The A-Plan is for you!