The 7Cs

Our Innovation System of Development

The 7Cs are the core of the Missions of Success program designed to ignite, connect, and engage the influencers of your organization who are ready for the MORE of ministry!


Ideas that Matter!
Discover how to truly gather leaders for generating and advancing the best ideas.


Elevate your Ministry!
Develop an environment ripe for exponential growth through an infusion of proven strategies that increase trust and dynamic outcomes.


Vulnerability is Key!
Grow leaders that possess the proficiency and wisdom to build a kingdom of mature disciples through clear and nourishing impartation.


Care and Serve!
Build and cultivate a reputation of service to and for your community, its leaders, and members.


Bond with Everyone!
Learn to foster and sustain healthy relationships with multiple generations who are eager for lives of nurture and meaning.


Vision for All!
Create, develop, and cast a clear, inclusive vision that serves to guide, as well as, protect your ministry values.


Leveraging your Resources!
Having resources is not enough; using them to build for others is where legacy lasts.



Gen Z

+BONUS: Who is Gen Z?
They are our future. We must become more knowledgeable, relevant, and engaged with this emerging culture to facilitate their connection to God and One Another. We are here to help you understand and embrace GenZ – our next generation.